Live It, Touch It, Feel It, Claim It.

Experience a new level of wealth while healing & setting your                             

soul on fire.

October 8th-12th, 2023
We Are SOLD Out

Chakra Healing Wellness Retreat is for you if:

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If your SOUL is craving acceptance, connection to initiation, authenticity, chakra alignment, & finding oneself. 

You are a spiritual woman working on personal growth and you need time away from the day-to-day inner bullshit that surrounds your inner soul

You are ready to heal from current or past traumas without judgment and next to a group of women who full heartedly support you and your healing journey

You are fresh at wellness and you are ready to drink the Mother-Fcking Kool Aid. You are done self-sabotaging and you are ready to step up and take ownership of your life


The longer you entertain what is not for you, the longer you postpone                      

what is.

- unknown

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you’ll learn how to align and re-align your chakras, the passion & purpose of your inner SOUL, how to love yourself again & more than ever before, and some of you (well actually all of you) will learn how to heal. To heal from past traumas, unwanted memories, death, COVID displacement, and much more that you may be holding onto. 

During your time in Tulum...

Not only is this retreat being held at our own personal villa in Tulum, Casa Don Rey like WOW, it is intentionally designed to support you by allowing you to get all the pieces of your SOUL back that you have been loaning out, sacrificing over the years to others. Now we do this unintentionally, we give ourselves without even realizing it, and that is okay, however we need to be able to refill our love for ourself. How often can you say that you truly did something for YOU? Well now is YOUR chance, over the next six days 

AND most importantly you’ll learn “Who The Fuck You Are again”.

let’s set your SOUL on absolute

goddess fire!!!

This six day rejuvenation will connect you with your inner star soul and go all the way through your body deep down into your earth star chakra. I never realized until I went on my own journey in 2016 that chakras actually mean something. Who would have guessed! That the universe really does work in our favor & that we have the ability to MANIFEST whatever life we want for ourselves. And now it is time for YOU to feel that. It is time to awaken your SOUL by aligning to your passion & purpose by setting your insides on FIRE with the ultimate unconditional goddess Love & Acknowledgment. 

If this sounds like it is for you click the link.

Say no more, I am already committed!




Goddesses, welcome to your Chakra Healing Wellness Journey. A Luxuries upgrade from the inside out. It is time for you and your SOUL to experience the New Level Wealth Abundance Code.



Grounded Safe & Sensual

Divine humans are you ready for this? Today we will focus primarily on reconnecting to our root chakra and our sacral chakra. 

Confidence To Heart Powered Ascension

Okay Queen, we see you! Today we will focus primarily on reconnecting to our solar plexus chakra and our heart chakra.

Align My Chakras Now!

Throat and Third Eye Activations

Look at that golden energy healing we are doing. We are a little over half way complete and Celestial Being, YOU GOT THIS! Today we will focus primarily on reconnecting our throat chakra and our third eye chakra. 

Soul Healing Chakra Alignment

I can feel that Golden Goddess Energy taking up the room! Today we will focus on our crown chakra and reconnecting with our soul by having a Goddess Code Intuition Celebration.



Graduation Ceremony- Say “F Yes Girl” To the New You!

You are a Fucking Goddess! You are FLAWLESS! Take this home with you and never stop using your Wealth Abundance Chakra Healing Code. I am so Fucking Proud of YOU!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this experience?

Whats Included:

  • 5 Nights, 6 Days at our own Private Villa located in Tulum, Mexico 
  • Daily Morning Yoga
  • Evening Mediation, Reiki, Sound Baths
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Ancient Clay Ritual
  • Workshop into Ascension
  • The “velvet” waters of Cenotes
  • Plant Offering Ceremony
  • “I AM” workshop
  • Power Photo Shoot 
  • Temazcal, Rebirthing Mayan Release Ceremony

  • Daily Individual Time to Refresh, Replenish, & Rejuvenate Your Soul
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners- Healthy, Nutritious, Fresh meals
  • Professional Goddess Photo Shoot
  • Transportation to and from Cancun International Airport
  • Goddess Energy Workbook
  • Gifts for the “Goddess”- SURPRISE!

Not to mention:

You will need a valid passport to attend. Please make sure that your current passport is valid for at least six months post our wellness retreat dates. If you need to apply for a passport, the wait time is roughly 4-6 weeks, although you may choose to expediate it for an additional fee at your expense. Apply for your passports here.

i am sold!

You see when you're away from the outside world, the noise and the bullshit you really just get to be YOU without judgement and flying fucks. 

Meet Kelli McCalley, a Metaphysic’s Doctorate Student Specializing in Spiritual Healing, Chakra Healing Wellness Retreat Host, Business Acquisition & Development Coach, former CEO of a national top 50 preschool company chain who stepped out of the corporate world of living others’ lives and into the realm of serving her soul. Kelli is devoted to helping you heal yourself from the inside out while feeling safe, secure and full of golden goddess energy. She is also on her own wellness journey by writing her upcoming memoir, Just Be Fcking Happy, and launching KyCo consulting, creating the future with you and for you, all while being a mother to her two children Kyleigh and Colin. Discover her soul filling purposes from business coaching, to masterminds, to latest book drops and of course her favorite “Chakra Healing Wellness Retreats”.

Goddess Kelli 

Meet Your Chakra Goddess 


Meet Stephanie Candelaria life coach, and “Chakra Healing Wellness Retreat” co-host. Stephanie is on her spiritual path to greatness, practicing energy healing, intuitive and emotional empath, manifestation enthusiast, and motivational Coach by studying her doctorate of Metaphysics at the University of Sedona. Stephanie is passionate about helping you see your greatness and assisting you to find your inner soul connection. Stephanie is a CEO/founder of an echo friendly landscaping company with her husband and is the mother to a blended family of 7. Everyone’s journey is unique and I can’t wait to meet you at our “Chakra Healing Wellness Retreats”

Goddess Stephanie 

ig: @devin.Stephanie_  @stephanie_rose.11

A creative entrepreneur, physical fitness enthusiast & spiritual soul~sister always cultivating harmony with style and grace! “I am on a mission to help you receive the transformational energies through authentic awareness and acceptance on all levels while living in your highest purpose.She is a former Healthcare provider and her intuitive nature has lead her to becoming the Founder/CEO of a grassroots nonprofit organization serving under resource youth in her community. Discover her unique approaches to giving back through gratitude and holding space for young athletes to Learn, Attain and Believe in themselves. Lvabasketballlab.org

Goddess Taraesa 

The King Suites are located on the second floor of Casa Don Rey, each room opens up to the center of the villa with their own balconies overlooking the main pool and the terrace. Each suite offers natural light and their own bathrooms. 


I Am Replenished

Single room or Shared with 2 People- Email for Pricing Options
Individual King Suites
Only 5 Available

The master suites are located on the first floor of Casa Don Rey, both Master Suite rooms open up to the main pool and the terrace. Each master suite offers an indoor and outdoor en-suite bathtub. 


I Am Rejuvenated

SINGLE ROOM OR SHARED WITH 2 PEOPLE Email for pricing options
Only 2 Available

The Sky Villas are located on the top floor of Casa Don Rey, both Sky Villas open up to the your very own private pool with firepit, overlooking the Tulum jungle. Both of the Sky Villas offers their own bathrooms and out of this world sunset and sunrise views in the comfort of your own bed. 



Single room or Shared with 2 People email for pricing options
Individual Queen Floating Sky Villa
Only 2 Available

Deposits Due $1111.00 @ Time Of Booking

Once you make your deposit payment you will receive an email from KyCo Wellness or Kelli, confirming your package.  Once confirmed you will have 3 options to pay which will consist of:

Payment in Full
Payment in 3 Installments
Payment in 5 Installments if reserved prior to January 1st, 2023

Email Me with any questions.

Having someone come along that’s a light source when you are in your darkest time is exactly what Kelli was for me. She showed me how to find myself worth and help build me into the woman I am to this day. Being able to be honest and forthright is what made me drawn to her. Her love for herself and others was always first and she never backed down from a challenge. -Elise 

"Kelli showed me how to find my self worth..."

Kelli walked into my life at an extremely difficult time. It was kind of like she was sent from above to help guide me. I was at a crossroads and needed some healing. She helped me overcome all my worries and triggers. Kelli taught me a better way of living. Her positive affirmations and soul filling beliefs helped me believe in myself again. I am forever grateful for her – Stephanie 

"Kelli  helped me overcome all my worries and triggers"

In 2021 I attended Kelli’s second wellness retreat in Palm Springs. To be honest I was waiting to go on it. From the beginning to the end, she offered activities that allowed me to release the outside world and focus on what is more important. My favorite part was going into the Himalayan Salt Cave and then ending with a sound bath. This was life changing for me. -Crystal 

"This was life changing for me."

I met Kelli at a wellness retreat in Tulum where we connected and became lifelong soul sisters. I remember telling her at the end of the retreat that she should consider hosting one of her own. She is an inspiration to all women and I am lucky I had the chance to get to know her kind soul. I am so proud of you KELLI!! - Maria 

"Kelli  is an inspiration to all women"